Activities Huygens Hall

Activities Huygens Hall

Dear Clockwork Lover, The Hague August 23, 2017

We would like to update you on developments regarding the Huygens Room and the Foundation (i.o.) Haegsche Tijd.

As you know, the Huygens Room, located on the first floor of the Venduehuis der Notarissen in The Hague, was festively inaugurated with effect from 9 May this year.

The aim of the Huygens Room is to familiarise people with the origins and development of clocks and watches over the centuries.

Advice can also be sought on valuations, repairs, sales or how to bring timepieces to auction.

The Huygens Room is open during Vendue House viewing days, while appointments can also be made for Mondays

with the Anthony Gaemers for the above advice, via E-Mail : or on Monday phone 070-3649840 ( Venduehuis de Notarissen).

The Haegsche Tijd Foundation is committed to building a collection of timepieces by Hague watchmakers and also has the ambition to make the Residency "the city of Time".

As a prelude to reported ambition, the Haegsche Tijd Foundation is presenting a small exhibition on

Marine Chronometers and Deck Watches.

You are welcome to visit during the upcoming viewing days of 25 to 28 August and from 15 to 18 September visit this exhibition. You are also welcome on the intervening Mondays.

Also not to be left unmentioned is that some of these Marine Chronometers and Deck Watches are available for sale. Also on display in the Huygens Room are timepieces for the August auction.

Several activities are also already planned for the months of October, November and December, which we will gladly inform you about in a subsequent post.

On behalf of the Haegsche Tijd Foundation,

Antoon Gaemers Joost Albers Jeroen Trimbos