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If you subscribe to the objectives of the Foundation and are considering a periodic donation, we would like to welcome you as a Donor to the Haegsche Tijd Foundation.

A periodic gift is a gift in the form of fixed and regular payments that end no later than death. A periodic gift can be recorded in a notarial deed or in a written agreement with the Haegsche Tijd Foundation. A periodic gift must run for a minimum of five years. If so, each term can be deducted from the year in which the term expires. The entire term is deductible. Therefore, there is no deduction threshold and no deduction ceiling. 

The Haegsche Tijd Foundation has the cultural ANBI status which allows your donation to be made tax-deferred. 

For example: if a periodic gift is made of 5 x €1,000 for five years, €1,250 (€1,000 x multiplier of 1.25) is deductible from income each year without this deduction being limited by a threshold or ceiling. 

(The above data is based on the data provided by the Tax Office in early 2019.

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